Power Outages

Planned Power Outage

KBR Rural Public Power will have a planned power outage on May 14th from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM central standard time, affecting KBR customers fed off the valentine west substation. This includes customers in the towns of Cody, Nenzel, Kilgore, and Crookston.

If you have an interruption in power, we want to know about it immediately.  A blink in power means there is something wrong either with our power lines or your electrical service or equipment.  The only way to trace it is by our customers calling and telling us about it.  We will patrol the lines in the area and try to determine if your neighbors are also experiencing blinks.  Sometimes the cause of these blinks may be very difficult to find.  Some of the causes are tree limbs on the lines, faulty lightning arresters, cattle rubbing guy wires, or transmission line problems.

Prior to you calling KBR, it would be extremely helpful if you first try “flipping” your breakers on the pole below our meter socket, off and on.  Also, don’t forget to check your breakers on your entrance panel.  When you call about an outage or blinking lights, it would be very helpful if you could contact neighbors to see if they are having the same problems.  Note the time of day, how often the lights are blinking, and the weather conditions.  Any information that you may be able to supply us is extremely helpful and will assist our linemen in getting your service repaired as quickly as possible.

After normal work hours, weekends and on holidays, KBR has personnel on call to respond to your electric service outage.  If you have an outage, please call 1-402-387-1120 or 1-800-672-0009, which will be answered by NPPD’s Call Center for KBR.  Please give them your name, account number and or meter number, describe the problem, and the dispatcher will then contact KBR line personnel on call to dispatch them to the problem area. Please, do not call an employee directly, as they will inform you to call the above phone numbers so the outage can be traced and logged in.